3, Placenta, Blamo Repository, http://repo.mrblamo.xyz/ Jesus Box Repository, http://jesusboxrepo.xyz/repo Neptune Rising is created by Mr. Blamo.

Mar 10, 2018 Its homed in the Mr Blamo repo and is packed with great content. Enter http:// repo.mrblamo.xyz in the top box – Enter BLAMO in the bottom  Jan 26, 2018 we have seen so far and can be found in Mr Blamo's Repository. Type the repository url as follow http://repo.mrblamo.xyz and click Done. Creado por el Sr. Blamo, Neptune Rising es un complemento sólido que funciona bien e La dirección cambió hace un rato ahttp://repo.mrblamo.xyz/ y si usas la Si el repo de Mr. Blamo no funciona por cualquier razón, una alternativa es  Thunderstruck addon can be installed through Mr Blamo repo on Kodi. If you were Type in the web address http://repo.mrblamo.xyz/ and click on Done. 11.

Blamo Repo is the trending repository that consists of many great add-ons for Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, and Live IPTV. It is the best Kodi repository 2019 because it has never been shut down to-date. It has also gained popularity after Kodil repository shutdown.

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The developer, Mr. Blamo made use of a feature of Kodi add-ons called dependencies to automatically install these add-ons which have been marked as dependencies of his other add-ons. Also, it’s important to note that these are not necessarily completely new add-ons, but you may have had one or both of these installed before under their previous names…

Top 3 Alternatives for Kodil Repo 1.Blamo repository. Most of us using kodi for streaming movies and TV shows. If that is the case, we knew exodus is the king of streaming such contents. Mr.Blamo is the creator of the exodus. Blamo repo has lots of other great addons in addition to the exodus. Neptune rising and placenta are other popular kodi addons from Blamo … I thought the twitter thing was a bit weird*, but as Mr Blamo is doing the hosting and maintenance I don't see it as an issue. He is free to do (or not do) anything he wants with his repo? PS - Incursion also works well. I use both at the moment :-) *Edited - I am bored at works so looked through Mr.Blamos Twitter. Pretty much every reply I